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Styles II Unknot & Tone Body Massager – 4 Variable Attachments to Relieve Knots, Pains, Stiffness & Fatigue

Styles II Unknot & Tone Body Massager for Slimming, Toning and Relaxing, all in one amazing device. The unknot & Tone Massager is an effective, light weight and portable device capable of targeting abs, buns, thighs, calves and under arm. Its unique oscillating feature penetrates deeply into the inner layers of skin for muscle toning and deep tissue massage.


* 360 Degree off-centered axis design oscillates over 2500 times per minute

* Slimming, toning and relaxing, all in one amazing device

* Shoulder: Toning your under arms

* Abs: Slim and Sculpt your Abs

* Hips: Shape and tone your hips and buns

* Underarms: Relieve tension and stress on your shoulders and back

* Calves: Relax tired and aching muscles

* Thighs: Slenderize your thighs and relieve muscle tension

* Feet: Remove calluses and dry skin


* Styles II Unknot & Tone Massager

* 4 Attachments

1. Micro Flier Attachment

2. Wavy Attachment

3. Flat Attachment

4. Roller attachment

* Head and Protecting Mesh Cover

* Instruction Manual

Order today and let this massager work wonders on your body to derive the ultimate in mind and body relaxation.

Category: Health and Personal Care

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