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Styles II Percussion Body Massager - Great At-Home Spa Machine for Neck, Back, Shoulder, Waist, Feet - Suitable for All

Styles II Percussion Body Massager is a kind of health protection & care product to dredge the blood circulation, reduce tiredness & aches. We use the high-frequency vibration principle and thump on the body to dredge the blood vessel, especially those tiny blood vessel twig. As massaging, the lymph function in the fleet surface will be strengthened at the same time. Styles II Percussion Massager is based on the clay physiology principle and large numbers of practices. Using the reasonable and compact construction to engender high frequency, so it can beautify skin and expand the blood vessel. It's not only has the effect of reducing the tiredness and aches, but also has some health protection and care function.

• Offers quick and easy massage

• Improves productivity and sleep

• Increases circulation and decreases pain caused by those tense and overworked muscles

• Not only does it reach hard-to-reach areas of the body, its functional advantages and excellent quality offer a super-joyful experience that will make you want more

• Comes with 1 year warranty


• Styles II Percussion Body Massager

• 3 Set of detachable Massage Head Attachments

• Four gears speed control

• Power switch

• Annular handle

• Instruction Manual

Order today and let this massager work wonders on your body to derive the ultimate in mind and body relaxation.

Category: Health and Personal Care

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