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Styles II Lady Epilator Set - Wet & Dry - 4 In 1 Callus Remover, Shaver, Clipper, Epilator - Normal To Sensitive Skin - Gentle On Skin

Are you one of those who desires smooth-epilation results without the 'perceived' pain involved?

Are you looking for an epilator that provides more than epilation - for every hair removal need on your body?

Hair removal can be the most inconvenient and boring beauty ritual - yet the most important one. The all-new Styles II Lady Epilator Set has been brought to life to serve as a one-stop-shop for all hair removal needs a lady like you desires - who is short of time and needs the best in silky smooth skin.

This most modern solution of unwanted hair is bound to amaze you with what it has to offer:

✓ 4-In-One-Solution: Callus Remover, Shaver, Clipper, Epilator - All in one set. No need to buy separate solutions to your hair removal personal care accessories.

✓ Gentle & Safe Callus Removal: Literally - in minutes thus achieving supreme silky smoothness.

✓ Shaver: For those who have a non-epilator preference for certain body parts like bikini line or underarms.

✓ Clipper: To trip long hairs to prevent unnecessary pain before epilation.

✓ Long Lasting Results: Works at root level, thus results can last for up to 4 weeks.

✓ Weakens Hair: Hair grow back much weaker, which makes it further easier to epilate.

✓ Save Time: Least time consuming vs. traditional at-the-root hair removal methods like waxing.

✓ Economical: No wax or wax strips, shaving foams or blades.

✓ Fits Perfectly In Every Hand: Easy to hold and use.

Order today and add the best personal care accessory to your lifestyle today. "

Category: Health and Personal Care 

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