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Styles II Cold & Heat Handheld Percussion Action Massager with Adjustable Intensity | Dual Pivoting Head Nodes | 3 Sets Attachment Heads

Are you struggling with neck, back, tendon, and ligament pain?

Do you have other body-related issues and need a device that can help relieve the stress? You are in luck.

Here is the solution you need.

STYLES II Cold & Heat Percussion Massager device gives you total relief from joint pains. Our hand-held cushioning body massager uses dual pivoting nodes to help you reach deep tired muscles, aiding the repair of muscle fibers by directing high pressure on your body, thus optimizing blood circulation to various parts of your body.

Our electric massager is an excellent tool to boost your immune system and decreases the physical effects of stress by aiding physical relaxation, waste elimination, relief of tight muscles, releasing nerve compression and body aches.

To use this device, simply press the power button switch at the top of the handle.

To get maximum relief, you may continue to hold the power button function until you achieve the desired intensity.

To turn it off, press hard on the power button.

To use heat function, press the heat button with the right intensity, and press a second time to stop the heat function.

It has five settings: Heat Vibration , Cold Vibration , Warm Heat , Ice-Cold and Vibration modes powered by an adapter which operates with 100-230V of electricity and also comes with an ergonomic handle for a firm, non-slip gripping during workout sessions without it falling off your hands.

It is suitable for use for men, women, athletes, Yoga artists and everyone seeking relief from pent-up stress.

Do not leave yourself at the mercy of pains and cramped muscles, when you can free yourself from the hold of pain.

Gift a set to yourself and your loved ones for improved health.

Wait no more. Click the Add to cart button to get yours while limited stock last.

Category: Health and Personal Care 

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