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Fabric Lint Remover -Newer-Looking Clothes In Seconds -Portable & Cordless-Multipurpose For Lint, Pills, Fuzz & Dog Hair -Easy to Use For Clothing

Here's your secret to newer looking fabrics, wovens, upholstery, blankets, carpets and more...

The rechargeable Styles II Lint Remover is a simple and easy way to remove the unwanted presence of lint and more from all of the above.

This compact yet powerful lint remover is bound to please you with its efficiency and give life back to anything that it is used on. Just sweep it over and tadaaahhh...

* Optimal Shaving Surface: About 1.969 inches shaving surface to ensure efficient and effective results in seconds.

* Cordless: 8 hours charging provides 35-40 minutes usage. That is enough to pull unwanted lint from tens of fabrics and other goods.

* Easy to use: Charge & use. Empty chamber when full.

* Travel sized: Handy and lightweight. Put it in your bag and use it anywhere, anytime.

* Safe: Will not damage fabric or any other material it is used on.

* Comfortable Handle: Practical ergonomic handle with great grip.

* Package includes: Lint shaver, adapter and cleaning brush.

* Money back Guarantee: You are covered and having nothing to lose.

Order this powerful lint remover today and give your fabrics and other materials a lint-free as-good-as-new life.

Category: Household Supplies

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