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Facial Brush, Massager & Cleanser - Safe Deep Cleaning For Greatest Skin Ever - For Normal to Sensitive Skin - Convenient Size For Travel - Waterproof

Are you looking for a reliable partner and tool to give your face the glow of its best 20's?

This Facial Brush, Massager & Cleanser from Styles II is the most unique and reliable product to leave your face soft, fresh and irresistible to the touch. It has carefully been designed taking into account the face science to make you look fabulous every single day - removing all occurrences of skin pollutants, the soot, dirt and the everyday wear-and-tear.

This product from Styles II:

• Is the perfect natural kiss of rejuvenation.

• Offers 360-degree facial treatment - sides for nose, chin and more. One side for cleansing and the other for massaging.

• Encourages better absorption of your skin care products and regimen.

• Never let the use of commercial facial products such as face washes and creams, changing weather contribute to the lifelessness and aging of your face.

• Waterproof silicone design guarantees safe use.

• Portable size and design so that you can take your facial care along wherever you go

• Great looking color and design

• Rechargeable


One 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Brush, Massager and Cleanser

One USB Charging Cord

User Manual

Order today , for yourself or a loved one, and be prepared to get surprised.

Category: Health and Personal Care 

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