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Styles II Nursing Cover Set - Car Seat Canopy, Shopping Cart, High Chair, Stroller & Carseat Cover

Styles II Nursing Cover provides privacy for both mom and baby at public places or on occasions when many other people are around. It is more than just a breastfeeding protection and can be used in multiple ways to provide ease and convenience to you and your baby.

Other than a nursing cover, you can also use it as a baby car seat canopy, infinity scarf, shawl etc. and it covers almost anything whether it is a shopping cart or a high chair.

Keep your baby safe and happy with this arrangement. It is made with a flexible and stretchable material. Also, it is quite soft, lightweight and breathable. A happy baby is synonymous to happy mom; it literally gets you covered irrespective of the occasion and place.


✓ Nursing Cover

✓ Breastfeeding Cover

✓ Car Seat Cover

✓ Car Seat Canopy

✓ Nursing Scarf

✓ Shopping Cart Cover

✓ Stroller Cover

✓High Chair Cover

✓ Changing Table Cover

✓ Nursing Poncho

✓ Babysitting

✓ Changing Diapers

Protects Against:

✓Pollen and on-looking strangers

✓Germs and bacteria

✓Wind & breezes

✓Summer heat




✓ Bugs

✓ Nosy Strangers

The set also includes a Drool Bib made of absorbent material and a cute Baby Hat Beanie Cap.

Category: Baby

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