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Styles II Car Back Seat Organizer with Insulated Thermo Pockets, Tablet Holder

Traveling with kids had never been so much of fun.

Keep your car’s backseat uncluttered and systematic with this Styles II Multipurpose Backseat Organizer and Stroller Organizer.

We know that you are busy scheduling between your work and family and need to travel often carrying so many things, especially when moving around with kids. There are so many of them to outline – stuffed creatures, sippy cups, smartphones and tablets, phone chargers, napkins, soft drink bottles, toys etc., and you don’t really want them to roll around on your backseat every time your car takes a turn. This Styles II Multipurpose Car Backseat Organizer helps you to keep your stuffs in an organized form on-the-go and a happy travel-time for your destinations. Kids are fussy with their belongings and want to take their things with them wherever they go. This organizer keeps your possessions in an orderly fashion and ensures that you have a better leg room in the car and ample luggage space for your other belongings. It is detachable and works as an attractive stroller organizer and keeps your baby’s requirements within easy reach all the time.

Convenient, Versatile and Durable

➢ Adaptable Backseat Organizer / Baby stroller organizer

➢ Multiple pockets of various sizes, thermo pockets also available

➢ Tablet device holder with transparent view and touchscreen compatibility

➢ Mesh pockets available for enhanced visibility and identifying what is where

➢ Secret pocket for storing valuables

➢ Waterproof and durable structure

➢ Effortless installation and easily adjustable

➢ Standard size, compatible with a wide range of vehicles

➢ Heavy duty buckles with 48” straps

Order your Styles II Car Backseat Organizer today for easy organization "

Category: Baby

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