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Styles II Fidget Cube, Fidget Dice Toy, Perfect For ADHD, ADD, Stress-Buster, Relieves From Anxiety, For Children and Adults, Enhances Focus

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Styles II Fidget Cube Toy is an anti-stress device that keeps your hands busy. It helps kids and adults having issues such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, or Autism by stimulating the brain to focus on the job at hand. Unlike other sellers our fidget cube’s spinning circle doesn’t get stuck. The switch works smoothly in a satisfying way with negligible sound. The non-plastic silicon buttons push-in quite well. Also, the joystick works smoothly with fine movement bouncing back to the usual place quickly. The gears and marble also move smoothly with insignificant clicking noise. The “worry stone” side of the dice feels quite nice to rub. If you are looking for a sensory toy to help a restless child get rid of anxiety and boredom, this is a perfect buy. It also helps users to increase their focus power.

Reduces Stress – This fidget dice helps the fidgeters by facilitating them to keep their restless hands busy. It supports them to increase on their focus at classroom or workplace. It reduces stress, relieves anxiety and keeps the boredom away.

Highly durable – Our fidget cube is highly durable and can be used without any reluctance. It is long-lasting safe and sturdy item that can be used by kids as well as adults.

Ideal energy release cube – It is an impeccable gift for children having issues such as Autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD etc and helps them to release their extra energy. It assists them to lower their anxiety levels with the mere use of arrangements provided on the fidget toy.

Insignificant noise – This fidget cube exemplifies professionalism of design and works smoothly without disturbing others.

High quality desk toy – A wonderful fidget dice to promote calmness. Specifically designed for those who can’t keep their fingers at rest and need to pacify their clicking, flicking, spinning and rolling urge.

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