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Lower Back Heat Pack With Belt - Ultra-Responsive To Low Back Pain - Reliable Heat Therapy - Works Great as Cold Pack Too - Suitable For All

$36.97 $68.99

Innumerable reasons can trigger back pain, but more common are the overuse or misuse of the muscles of the back in some form. Resulting pain can be a challenge and can impact ones physical, emotional and social life considerably.


If this is what is happening to you, Styles II Lower Back Heat Pack is likely to put an end to back pain solution browsing and put you on a path to fast and reliable relief.


We know heat packs can sound too simple a solution to be effective, but Styles II Lower Back Heat Pack has been designed and proven to work with its wide range of features and benefits:

* Great Size: Perfectly fits your back and adjusts to your size with its in-built belt.

* Re-usable, Instant & Completely Portable: Unique thermal generation heat pack that creates an instant heat source for your back. Take it to work, in the car, on vacation or wherever you want for instant back pain relief or general soothing after a stressful day.

* Helps Relieve or Reduce Back Pain: Great way to relax the back, ease pain and provide relief. Promotes remedy and recovery the natural way.

* Works on Chronic Pain Too: Yes, Styles II Lower Back Heat Pack can provide relief from chronic pains that have been around for weeks, months or even years.

* Non-Toxic: Sodium is a food addictive and is non-toxic.

* Makes a great cold pack: Place in the freezer for 20-30 minutes and apply.

* Economical yet Awesome: At $36.97 it is economical and a proven success with back pain of any sort.

* Suitable for all: Both gender and ages.


Make your back live healthier - Order today for yourself or a family or friend.

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